Glassman High Voltage is a leading designer and manufacturer of High Voltage power supplies/DC power supplies for the High Voltage and Vacuum Process equipment market segments. A Glassman DC power supply can range in output from 15W-50kW with output voltages operating down to 50V thru 400kV.  A High Voltage power supply of this type can be offered in modular or Rack-mount configuration as well as special packaging to meet customer-specific mechanical requirements. Most Glassman DC power supplies are offered utilizing proprietary Air Insulation dielectric technology. Air poses numerous reliability and serviceability benefits in comparison to competing solid and liquid dielectric technologies.
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PK Series
4 kW & 8 kW Regulated
High Voltage
DC Power Supplies
3 kV to 125 kV
Rack Mount
150 kV to 400 kV
Open Stack

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PK Series HV Power Supply

PK Series HV Power Supply
Open Stack

The PK family of power supplies are sophisticated, 4 and 8 kW air insulated high voltage DC power supplies offering low ripple and noise, fast response, and tight regulation.

Complies with the European harmonized low voltage (safety) directive, 73/23/EEC. Compliance with the EMI directive, EN50082-2 is available.

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Pulse-Width Modulation. Off-the-line pulse-width modulation provides high efficiency and a reduced parts count for improved reliability.

Air Insulated. The PK Series features "air" as the primary dielectric medium. No oil or encapsulation is used to impede serviceability, or increase weight.

Constant Voltage/Constant Current Operation. Automatic crossover from constant-voltage to constant-current regulation provides protection against overloads, arcs, and short circuits.

Current Trip. This feature may be substituted for constant-current operation by a jumper on the rear panel interface connector.

Tight Regulation. Voltage regulation is typically better than 0.01% for allowable line and load variations. Current regulation is better than 0.1% from short circuit to rated voltage.

Higher Power Capability. Power supply modules can be paralleled for 8 kW output power utilizing one master control module and one slave module.

Operating Parameters at a Glance Output voltage and current are displayed on separate 3 digit LCD displays with selectable damping. Dual LED bar graphs provide "analog" indication of rapidly changing output level. A full set of indicators are provided to determine the status of the supply at a glance. These include indicators for AC power on, high voltage on, standby, safety interlock, external trip, output polarity, regulating mode (voltage or current) and remote control status of mA program, kV program, and HV enable.

Warranty. Standard power supplies are warranted for three years; OEM and modified power supplies are warranted for one year. A formal warranty statement is available.


(Specifications apply from 5% to 100% of rated voltage. Operation is guaranteed down to zero with a slight degradation of performance.)

Input: 4/8 kW, 3-phase: 187-228 V RMS, 48-63 Hz, fused for 20 A (per 4 kilowatt module), derate for line unbalance > 2%. 5-position terminal block, with cover, provided. 8 kW supplies have one additional terminal block for the slave.

Output: Continuous, stable adjustment from 0 to rated voltage/current by means of panel mounted 10-turn potentiometers with 0.05% resolution, or by external 0-10 V signals. Repeatability better than 0.1% of full scale. Accuracy is 1% of rated + 1% of setting

Voltage Regulation: Load, better than 0.01% for no load to full load variations; Line, better than 0.01% over specified input range.

Current Regulation: Load, better than 0.1% +100 A , from short circuit to rated voltage at any rated load condition; Line, better than better than 0.01% over specified input range.

Ripple: Better than 0.1% RMS of rated voltage at full load up to 125 kV. Better than 0.05% RMS for 150 kV and higher.

Stability: 0.01% per hour after 1/2 hour warm-up; 0.05% per 8 hours.

Temperature Coefficient: 0.01%/C.

Ambient Temperature: -20 to +50 C, operating; -40 to +85 C, storage.

Protection: Automatic current regulation protection reduces output voltage as required for all arc, overload and short circuit conditions. Fuses, surge-limiting resistors, and low energy components provide the ultimate protection.

Accessories: Detachable, 8 foot, shielded high voltage coaxial cable provided with fully enclosed models (see models chart for cable type). Enclosed 8 kW models are provided with an additional HV cable for the slave module. A 25 pin D-subminiature connector for customer interface is provided. Harness and/or interconnection cables supplied for 8 kW models as required.

Polarity: Available with either Positive, Negative, or Reversible polarity with respect to chassis ground.

Current Limit: In current limit mode the power supply will regulate the load current at the programmed current level with automatic crossover between voltage and current regulating modes.

Current Trip: A jumper installed on the 25 pin interface connector located on the rear of the control panel assembly allows the selection of current trip operation. When in current trip mode, the HV output will disable and latch off when the load current reaches the programmed current level. Reset is accomplished by either cycling the AC power, toggling the HV enable signal, or by pushing the HV off/reset and then the HV on switches.

Analog Monitors: Current and voltage, 0 - 10 V equivalent to 0 - rated output. 10 k ohm (1%), output impedance.

Voltage accuracy: 1% reading +1% of rated voltage. Current accuracy: 1% reading +0.05% of rated current.

Digital Monitor Signals: Four functions as follows - Milliampere Control, Kilovolt Control, High Voltage Enable, No Fault. High active, TTL or 5 V CMOS compatible. Typical signal compatibility; source = 1.0 mA at 2.5 V, sink = 2.5 mA at 0.4 V.

Digital HV On/Off Control:

HV Enable: Remote signal to activate high voltage (front panel switch selectable). High, on; low, off.
External: Remote signal to disable high voltage (overrides local or remote enable); High, disable. External has two user programmable modes; level-controlled interrupt or momentary-triggered shutdown.

Both inputs are TTL or 5 V CMOS compatible. Input is active upon application of 2.2 - 15 V signal. Approx.. input impedance: 100 k ohms @ 0 - 5 V; 10 k ohms @ 15 V.

External Interlock: Contact closure to common = enable; contact open = disable. Latching with reset via the HV off/reset switch or HV enable signal.

Opto-Output: An opto-isolated NPN transistor output is provided that can be controlled by any one of the Digital Monitor signals. This is not intended to be used for high potential isolation.

Front Panel Elements (See outline drawing)

AC Power: On/Off rocker switch and pilot lamp.
HV Enable: Momentary push-button and indicator.
HV Off/Reset: Momentary push-button and associated pilot lamps: Standby, Interlock, External.
Output Meters: Kilovolts, Milliamperes, 3 digit LCD displays, accuracy 1% of full scale.
Output Controls: Kilovolts, Milliamperes, 10-turn with locking vernier dials.
Polarity: Indicators for positive or negative output with respect to ground.
Trend Indicators: 10 segment bar graphs to provide indication of rapidly moving output parameters
Mode Indicators: LED's for indication of regulating mode (voltage and current).
Remote Programming: Selector switches with indicators for remote/local selection of voltage, current, and HV enable.

Slave Front Panel Elements
(When applicable)

Indicators: Bias, Tracking, & Overvoltage.
Service Testpoints:
TP-I - Slave Current
TP-V - Slave Voltage
TP-C - Common

Rear Panel Elements (See outline drawing)

DS1: Power On indicator
E1: Chassis ground
F1, 2, 3: Input line fuses
J1: Customer interface connector
JHV1: HV Output connector
TB1: AC Input connector
TB2: Ground, Common, Interlock connector


Symbol Description
ZA Zero start interlock. Voltage control, local or remote, must be at zero before HV will enable.
SS Slow start ramp. Specify standard times of 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 seconds 20%.
D Differential control interface for remote analog I/O signals. Provides a 3 V DC common mode rejection.
LA Low active HV Enable and External inputs, low active digital monitor outputs.
LR Low output ripple version.
CE CE Marked. Complies with the European harmonized EMI directive, EN50082-2, and with the low voltage (safety) directive, 73/23/EEC.
GE9 RS-232 control and monitor.
Please consult factory for special requirements.


Click on the model number below to request a quote and for complete ordering part number.

4 kW, Fully Enclosed

PK3R1300 0-3 kV 0-1300 mA RG-59U 10.5 in.
PK6R650 0-6 kV 0-650 mA RG-58U 10.5 in.
PK8P450 PK8N450 PK8R450 0-8 kV 0-450 mA DS2124 10.5 in.
PK10P400 PK10N400 PK10R400 0-10 kV 0-400 mA DS2124 10.5 in.
PK12P330 PK12N330 PK12R330 0-12 kV 0-330 mA DS2124 10.5 in.
PK15P260 PK15N260 PK15R260 0-15 kV 0-260 mA DS2124 10.5 in.
PK20P200 PK20N200 PK20R200 0-20 kV 0-200 mA DS2124 10.5 in.
PK30P130 PK30N130 PK30R130 0-30 kV 0-130 mA DS2124 10.5 in.
PK40P100 PK40N100 PK40R100 0-40 kV 0-100 mA DS2124 10.5 in.
PK50P80 PK50N80 PK50R80 0-50 kV 0-80 mA DS2124 10.5 in.
PK60P65 PK60N65 PK60R65 0-60 kV 0-65 mA DS2124 10.5 in.
PK75P50 PK75N50 PK75R50 0-75 kV 0-50 mA DS2124 10.5 in.
PK80P50 PK80N50 PK80R50 0-80 kV 0-50 mA DS2121 15.75 in.
PK100P40 PK100N40 PK100R40 0-100 kV 0-40 mA DS2121 15.75 in.
PK125P30 PK125N30 PK125R30 0-125 kV 0-30 mA DS2121 15.75 in.

Maximum weight is 62 lbs. to 75 kV, 85 lbs. to 125 kV.

4 kW, Open Stack

PK150P25 PK150N25 PK150R25 0-150 kV 0-25 mA 5.25 in. 35.1 in.
PK200P18 PK200N18 PK200R18 0-200 kV 0-18 mA 5.25 in. 40.1 in.
PK250P14 PK250N14 PK250R14 0-250 kV 0-14 mA 5.25 in. 45.9 in.
PK300P10 PK300N10 PK300R10 0-300 kV 0-10 mA 5.25 in. 60.2 in.
PK350P8 PK350N8 PK350R8 0-350 kV 0-8 mA 5.25 in. 68.6 in.
PK400P6 PK400N6 PK400R6 0-400 kV 0-6 mA 5.25 in. 68.6 in.

Maximum weight is 125 lbs.

8 kW, Fully Enclosed (for models to 15 kW, consult factory)

PK3R2600 0-3 kV 0-2600 mA RG-59U 21 in.
PK6R1300 0-6 kV 0-1300 mA RG-58U 21 in.
PK8P900 PK8N900 PK8R900 0-8 kV 0-900 mA DS2124 21 in.
PK10P800 PK10N800 PK10R800 0-10 kV 0-800 mA DS2124 21 in.
PK12P660 PK12N660 PK12R660 0-12 kV 0-660 mA DS2124 21 in.
PK15P520 PK15N520 PK15R520 0-15 kV 0-520 mA DS2124 21 in.
PK20P400 PK20N400 PK20R400 0-20 kV 0-400 mA DS2124 21 in.
PK30P260 PK30N260 PK30R260 0-30 kV 0-260 mA DS2124 21 in.
PK40P200 PK40N200 PK40R200 0-40 kV 0-200 mA DS2124 21 in.
PK50P160 PK50N160 PK50R160 0-50 kV 0-160 mA DS2124 21 in.
PK60P130 PK60N130 PK60R130 0-60 kV 0-130 mA DS2124 21 in.
PK75P100 PK75N100 PK75R100 0-75 kV 0-100 mA DS2124 21 in.
PK80P100 PK80N100 PK80R100 0-80 kV 0-100 mA DS2121 31.5 in.
PK100P80 PK100N80 PK100R80 0-100 kV 0-80 mA DS2121 31.5 in.
PK125P60 PK125N60 PK125R60 0-125 kV 0-60 mA DS2121 31.5 in.

Maximum weight is 125 lbs. to 75 kV, 170 lbs. to 125 kV.

8 kW, Open Stack

PK150P50 PK150N50 PK150R50 0-150 kV 0-50 mA 5.25 in. 35.1 in.
PK200P36 PK200N36 PK200R36 0-200 kV 0-36 mA 5.25 in. 40.1 in.
PK250P28 PK250N28 PK250R28 0-250 kV 0-28 mA 5.25 in. 45.9 in.
PK300P20 PK300N20 PK300R20 0-300 kV 0-20 mA 5.25 in. 60.2 in.
PK350P16 PK350N16 PK350R16 0-350 kV 0-16 mA 5.25 in. 68.6 in.
PK400P12 PK400N12 PK400R12 0-400 kV 0-12 mA 5.25 in. 68.6 in.

Maximum weight is 200 lbs.

Outline Drawings

Front Panel Controls & Indicators

Outline Drawing 3 - 75 kV

Outline Drawing 80 - 125 kV

Outline Drawing 150 - 400 kV