Glassman High Voltage is a leading designer and manufacturer of High Voltage power supplies/DC power supplies for the High Voltage and Vacuum Process equipment market segments. A Glassman DC power supply can range in output from 15W-50kW with output voltages operating down to 50V thru 400kV.  A High Voltage power supply of this type can be offered in modular or Rack-mount configuration as well as special packaging to meet customer-specific mechanical requirements. Most Glassman DC power supplies are offered utilizing proprietary Air Insulation dielectric technology. Air poses numerous reliability and serviceability benefits in comparison to competing solid and liquid dielectric technologies.
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Our mission is to consistently provide the finest DC power supplies in the world. Our unparalleled commitment to a growing family of customers is built upon our tradition of innovative engineering, superior craftsmanship, and dedicated employees.

Welcome to Glassman High Voltage

Hello, Iím Sandy Glassman.

Allow me to introduce you to our company, our products, and most importantly, our people.

Beginning with its inception in 1977, Glassman High Voltage has become the premier worldwide supplier of high voltage power supply technology to original equipment manufacturers, laboratories and a very diverse group of research facilities. Glassman products feature our proprietary air insulation technology and inverter circuit designs that ensure long-term stability and high reliability performance. Our reputation as a market leader in the DC power supply field has been built upon our dedication and investment in technology development, lean manufacturing principles, and after-sale customer support that is second to none in our industry.

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